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APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management is an international organization of students and professionals. APICS has over 200 professional chapters and more than 150 student chapters across the United States. One of the key factors behind APICS’s industry wide recognition is their effort to keep abreast of the latest trends in operations management.

All activities of APICS focus on enhancing knowledge & competency in the field of operations management. It is also one of the core concentrations of Industrial Engineering and Management department at OSU. The APICS OSU student chapter is an attempt to broaden the scope of knowledge through industrial training and exposure.

Purpose of the APICS student chapter at OSU:

a.       Developing professional efficiency in operations management through study, research, and application of scientific methods.

b.      Disseminating, by all appropriate means, general and technical information on improved techniques and developments.

c.       Developing a professional attitude among the students towards understanding the science of operations management.

In consonance with these objectives, the chapter is planning to conduct the following activities:

  • Certification (Primarily CPIM/ CSCP and CLTD) awareness and guidance
  • Industrial Projects/ Internships
  • Networking events
  • Career Guidance & seminars

We, members of the APICS student chapter at OSU, would cherish an opportunity to strengthen bonds with industries and professionals associated with supply chain and operations management.

Membership information:

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Executive Committee for Fall 2017


1. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tieming Liu

· Supply chain Management

· Revenue management

· Queuing models

· Transportation and IT network optimization

· Operations research methods applied in manufacturing and service operations Email id:


1. President: Mr. Ashutosh Atre

Email id:

Phone no: (405)-762-0004


2. Secretary: Mr. Swaraj Meher

Email id:

Phone no: (405)-780-3843


3. Vice President, Education & Program Planning: Mr. Mitul Pimpale

Email id:


4. Vice President, Membership & Networking: Mr. Akshay Nigade

Email id:


5. Vice President, Finance (Treasurer): Mr. Kunal Bhosale

Email id:


6. Web master: Mr. Kartik Josyula

Email id:


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