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Oklahoma State University

APICS Bylaws

Officers Duty:

a) President

Preside at all meetings of the chapter and the board of directors. He Shall appoint, with board approval, any office vacated by an officer or director to fill an unexpired term.

b) Secretary & President Elect

Shall be the custodian of all records related to meetings and activities of the APICS OSU student chapter. He Shall record and maintain minutes of all meetings of the executive board, the chapter’s annual meeting, and any special meetings of the APICS OSU Student chapter.

c) President Elect & Web master

Shall, with approval from the faculty advisor, preside over the committee for next year. He Shall also maintain APICS OSU student chapter Facebook, LinkedIn and other professional / social accounts on student services website.

d) Vice President, Education & Program Planning

Shall serve as chairperson of the program committee and will be responsible for organizing and presenting seminars, courses, workshops, and other professional development activities in carrying out the purposes of the chapter.

e) Vice President, Membership & Networking

Shall be chairperson of the membership committee and shall perform such as maintaining a record for memberships & dues and shall become a part of different networking events & expand the network circles of APICS OSU chapter.

f) Vice President, Finance (Treasurer)

Shall be custodian to the funds of the chapter and maintain such records as deemed necessary and shall collect all dues and fees. Shall raise funds according to the budget.


Rights and Privileges:

Membership in the organization shall confer upon each member the following rights and privileges:

a)   All of the rights and privileges of student membership in APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain management and student membership in APICS Oklahoma City Chapter;

b)    The right to attend and participate in all regularly scheduled and special meetings of the APICS student chapter at OSU;

c)      Voting rights in the APICS Student Chapter at OSU;

d)    The right to hold office and serve as an Officer and/or as a member of the Executive Board of the APICS Student Chapter at OSU;

e)     Officer and/or member of Executive Board, must be a full time student and must have GPA over 2.0 if an undergraduate or 3.0 if a graduate student.

Election and Terms of Office

a)       The elected officers and board members receiving a majority of the votes shall take office immediately upon the conclusion of the annual business meeting.

b)      Election shall be held online. Nominations will be recognized if accompanied by a letter of willingness to serve.

c)       Not more than two members of any firm shall be elected to the board of directors.

d)      Officers shall be elected for a term of one year, to run concurrently with the chapter’s fiscal year (APICS recommends a period starting July 1 and ending June 30).



Proposed Amendments

a)       Amendments to these bylaws shall be proposed in writing to the chapter executive board by a special bylaw committee or by a request signed by five or more members in good standing under the supervision of the advisor.

b)      Under the supervision of the advisor the chapter executive board shall submit proposed amendments in writing to the entire chapter membership at least two weeks before a meeting at which the amendments are to be voted upon or, if a mail vote is solicited, at least 30 days before the date on which the votes are to be counted.

c) Amendments will be effective upon approval by OSU.



An affirmative vote of 50% + 1 of the members voting shall be required for the adoption of an amendment to these bylaws. Amendment will be effective upon approval by OSU.




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