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Oklahoma State University

CCiMe Research

On-going projects 

Distributed Integrated Process Modeling of Next Generation Enterprises (DIME) 

The emerging next-generation enterprise systems can be effective and scalable only if their construction is guided by a strong theory-driven framework that takes an approach to link description with formal qualitative or quantitative analyses in an integrated manner.  Distributed Integrated Process Modeling and Analysis of Next Generation Enterprises (DIME) framework, developed at Center for Computer Integrated Manufacturing Enterprises at Oklahoma State University, is one such framework that supports  design, analysis, automation and management of business process knowledge.

Research in Email Management Strategies (REMS) 

Email is most successful application used in organizations for communication, knowledge exchange, sharing, collaboration, etc. However, the volume of emails that a knowledge worker has to process per day is just overwhelming, leading to reduced productivity and increased stress. There is a major opportunity for OR/MS and Information Systems researchers to study and develop effective and efficient email use and processing strategies.


Freight Movement Model (FMM)

The project focuses on development of the regional mathematical model, verification of the regional model and software development of the state freight movement model for Oklahoma. The proposed framework can be used to predict the freight flows in any state.


   Completed projects 

Advanced Modeling Environment 
An integrated, object-oriented modeling environment for discrete part manufacturing systems that supports a wide range of systems modeling purposes:

  • Specification of a Base Model in a formal, structured representation scheme.

  • Manufacturing systems analysis, design, and redesign via simulation & analytical techniques.

  • On-line decision support in an operating environment.

  • Education, training, and research in manufacturing systems analysis, design, & operation.



Curriculum for Integrating Manufacturing Enterprise Decisions (CIMED)

A research/teaching environment that focuses on integrated manufacturing and enterprise modeling is being pursued through a joint effort by The University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU). One component, being developed at OU, seeks to develop a framework for production management that effectively integrates process planning and other shop floor control functions in a dynamic and stochastic environment.

INtegrated PROduction Management System (INPROMS)

A collaborative effort between Oklahoma State University (OSU) and The University of Oklahoma (OU).The goal of this integrated production management (IPM) research was to develop a 'maximal' production management methodology that takes advantage of the major sources of flexibility in shop floor decision making, for example choice of process plan, machine used to create feature, sequence at each machine, inventory created, shortage accepted, subcontract awarded, or lot size.