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Oklahoma State University

PhD Application Review Process

Admission to the IEM PhD program is highly competitive and the process is very selective. Our PhD applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty on a “pull system.” An application is only reviewed if it is “championed” by an IEM graduate faculty member. By doing so the faculty member is affirming their intention to advise and mentor the student. The committee’s recommendation and the faculty champion’s support (financial and otherwise) are considered by the Head before making an admission offer.

Typically, PhD admissions come with 12-month financial support in the form of teaching and/or research assistantships, which includes tuition waiver and healthcare benefits. Continued support is contingent upon several factors including student’s academic performance, conduct, and availability of funds. Students are responsible for fees, which varies with number of credits taken, among other things. Visit the following link to estimate tuition and fees:

Therefore, applicants to our program are welcome to contact IEM faculty to see if there is a match in terms of research areas, mutual interest, and capacity to advise and support. Please note that capacity is sometimes hard to predict, and faculty do their best to plan ahead. Due to the nature of the review process, no faculty member can predict the chances of your admission to our program before the formal process is complete. By policy, the School cannot unofficially review your application materials.

If a strong applicant to our PhD program does not find a faculty champion, the Graduate Program Director may recommend either deferring the application to the next regular semester or switching the application to the MS program. The choice to request either is left to the applicant, and the final approval of either change rests with the OSU Graduate College. Sometimes, we are unable to accept good applicants to our program. This is not a reflection of the applicant's credentials, but a result of not finding a faculty champion within our program.