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Oklahoma State University

Pratt, David

Dr. David B Pratt, PE recently retired after a stellar career as an IEM faculty member for 25 years. During that time, he was also Undergraduate Program Director for 13 years, working with every undergraduate, one-on-one to help them achieve, on-time, an exceptional engineering education program. Without doubt, and for many reasons, David was recognized as one of the most admired faculty members by the students he taught and counseled. One of the many reasons for his success and recognition as one of IEM’s all-time best teachers is the fact that he had substantial experience in industry prior to receiving his doctoral degree.

He served as Manager of Corporate Operations Research for International Paper; Sr. Production Systems Engineer for Garrett Turbine Engine; and Section Director, Operations Research, preceded by Senior OR Analyst and OR Analyst, all for Phillips Petroleum. David’s credentials are far too numerous to list, but there are a few things that do stand out. He went through the OSU IEM BS, MS, and PhD programs with a 4.0/4.0 GPA; (2) he received an average 3.74/4.00 instructor evaluation while teaching an average of 7.51 courses per year over 25 years involving over 8,000 students, over 18,000 credit hours, in 18 different course numbers; (3) he served as primary advisor for over 330 completed BS students; (4) he mentored 22 Senior Design Teams; (5) he directed 9 completed Ph.D. students and 114 MS students; (6) he received five research grants totaling about $900,000.

In addition, David Received the IISE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award; the IISE Innovations in Curriculum Award, and the IISE Transactions Technical Paper Award, all national recognitions. He was named the CEAT Outstanding Advisor and has received 10 teaching awards. He is also the most appreciated faculty member among industry students in OSU’s MS in Engineering and Technology Management online video program.