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Oklahoma State University

Research Grants

Initiated or active in 2015 and 2016

D. Brunson, B. Balasundaram, M. Borunda, C. Fennell, P. Hoyt, MRI: Acquisition of Shared High Performance Compute Cluster for Multidisciplinary Computational and Data-Intensive Research, National Science Foundation, 10/1/2015–9/30/2018, $951,570.

S. Butenko, B. Balasundaram and V. Boginski, Clique Relaxations in Biological and Social Network Analysis: Foundations and Algorithms, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, 7/1/2012–6/30/2015, $452,942.

B. Balasundaram, and I. V. Hicks, Collaborative Research: Risk-Averse Cluster Detection in Network Models of Big Data UnderMeasurement Uncertainty, OSU, National Science Foundation, 4/15/2014-3/31/2017, $271,649.

W. Kolarik, Industrial Assessment Center Program, U.S. Department of Energy, 2011- 2016, $1,500,000.

J. Nazemetz, Motorcycle Crash Causation Study, United States Department of Transportation- Federal Highway Administration, 2012 - 2016, $3,531,600.

A. Pourhabib, Privacy Issues In Smart Grid Sharing, OSU Foundation for the National Energy Solution Institute-Smart Energy Source, 08/2015 to 08/2016, $16,666.

A. Pourhabib, B. Balasundaram, M. Kamath, and C. Zhao, Feasibility Study: Hazardous Material Movement Model for HazMat Transportation in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Emergency Management, 7/1/2015-9/31/2015, $44,534.

A. Pourhabib, M. Kamath, and S. Frazier, Designing Databases for a Hazardous Material Movement Model in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Emergency Management, 1//2016–9/31/2016, $45,125.

C. Zhao and Y. Guan, Data-driven risk-averse models and algorithms for power generation scheduling with renewable energy integration, National Science Foundation, 10/1/2016–9/30/2019, $400,000.