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Oklahoma State University

Roberts, Zach

J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.  

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IAB Member since 2019

Education                    Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering and Management  

                                     Oklahoma State University, May 2013      

Work Experience       J.B. Hunt Transport

                                    Lowell, AR

                                    June 2013 - Present 

                                       Positions Held:

·      Logistics Engineer – Dedicated Fleet Design

·      Operations Logistics Engineer – Intermodal Operations

·      Regional Operations Manager, Intermodal – Atlanta Regional Operations

·      Director of Intermodal, Operations – Memphis


·      Operations Management 

·      Organization Management & Staff Development

·      Strategic Planning

·      Logistics and Supply Chain Management

·      Business Analytics and KPI Development

·      Change Management and Process Improvement


Personal Interests

·      Exercise, golf, snow skiing, hiking and traveling

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