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Oklahoma State University

Chaoyue Zhao receives NSF funding

IEM Professor Chaoyue Zhao has received NSF funding for her project entitled, “Collaborative Research: Enhancing Power System Resilience via Data-Driven Optimization”

Our nation’s power system infrastructure are still facing many critical resilience challenges. In addition to the long-standing challenges from random equipment failures and operation errors, more frequent and severe natural disasters are making greater impacts on the energy infrastructure. According to assessments by the National Research Council (NRC) and the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), U.S. energy infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to severe weather due to the climate change. To mitigate the risks of disruptions caused by component outages, the system operators are responsible for preparing the grid to enhance the system resilience, taking fast corrective actions to cope with contingencies, and recovering the power system quickly and smoothly after disruptions.

This project studies distributionally robust optimization (DRO) approaches that better utilize the meteorological and transmission availability data, and provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing power system resilience, consisting of (i) risk assessment, (ii) pre-disaster power grid hardening, (iii) emergency responses and corrective actions during disasters, and (iv) post-disaster self-healing and system restoration. This project will advance the use of analytical models and scalable solution methods to assist system operators to better evaluate and mitigate disruptions.

More information can be found in the NSF Website.