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Oklahoma State University

Dr. Kamath wins Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award 2015

Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Dr. Kamath

The Oklahoma State University Graduate College and Graduate Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA) announced Dr. Kamath as the winner of the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award. This award is to recognize the exemplary service of the faculty who lead and manage graduate programs.  The award is one of the few opportunities available to recognize the incredible contributions to graduate education made by these individuals.

The quality and continuity of the graduate program, as well as the experience of the graduate students in the program, depend in part on the talent and commitment of the graduate coordinators and their support staff.  The Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award and Outstanding Graduate Support Staff Award recognize those faculty and staff members who exceed expectations by making innovative or unique contributions that positively impact the quality of the graduate program and/or student experience.

Dr. Kamath was recognized during Graduate Education week April 13th-17th, 2015. 


For more information on this award go here.