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Oklahoma State University

IAC Explores Energy Conservation at OKlahoma Steel Mill


 Under the supervision of Dr. William Kolarik, the IAC team from Oklahoma State University (OSU) performed an energy-use assessment at an Oklahoma steel mill on March 29, 2017. Students on the IAC team appreciated the opportunity to evaluate the internal processes of a steelmaker with a connected load of 50 MW and annual production of more than 300,000 tons of steel wire used to produce fencing products. 

This vertically integrated mini-mill spans 280,000 square feet and includes steel scrap processing, an electric arc furnace, casting, rolling, drawing, and coiling facilities. The plant utilizes several modern systems, includ-ing a state-of-the-art water reclamation and treatment plant. OSU's IAC staff were alerted to this plant's keen interest in sustainable operation by the manufacturing exten-sion agent (MEA) for southeastern Oklahoma, who works within the OK Manufacturing Alliance, a program within the US Department of Commerce. The IAC team members are currently evaluating their list of potential energy-efficiency measures in a variety of end uses, including lighting, compressed air, motors, billet preheating, conveyer drives, arc furnace controls, and process/equipment cooling.