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Oklahoma State University

Many Were Awarded and Recognized at the 2017 Annual IISE Conference and Expo

Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering

·      Dr. R. Logendran, Cowboy Academy member and Professor at the other OSU (Oregon State) 

George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering

·      Mr. Greg Watson, PhD candidate in IEM


Dwight D. Gardner scholarship recipients

·      Hannah Anthony, undergraduate student

·      Wendy Lau Wong, undergraduate student


Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship recipient

·      Lacy Greening, MS student


John L. Imhoff Scholarship recipients

·      Babak Farmanesh, PhD student

·       Akash Gupta, PhD student


President’s Scholarship recipient

·      McKenna Morrison, undergraduate student


Paper Presenters

·      Saeed Piri

·      Akash Gupta