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Oklahoma State University

Additional Resources

Discover Engineering Online
Launched in celebration of National Engineers Week 1999, Discover Engineering Online is designed to promote the engineering profession. To encourage engineering as a career choice among young people, Discover Engineering Online  lists the typical course of study for an industrial engineering student. Find out what industrial engineers do, and discover some famous industrial engineers in the process.

The Top 10 Benefits of Studying Engineering
Compiled by Raymond Landis, dean of engineering and technology at California State University–Los Angeles, learn about the top 10 bonuses that accompany an engineering career–including job satisfaction and variety of career opportunities. Mr. Landis published these ideas in his book Studying Engineering (Discovery Press, 1995).

Choosing an Engineering School
As you sift through countless college brochures, there are some valuable requirements to keep in mind. Consider the size of the school, the academic program, the faculty and the campus atmosphere - to start. You've made the decision to be an engineer, now learn how to select the best college.