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Oklahoma State University

Nazemetz, John W.


Emeritus Associate Professor

Industrial Engineering & Management
Oklahoma State University
215 General Academic Building
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078-5016 USA
Phone: (405) 744-6055


Areas of Interest

  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Coalition in support of the aviation sector (CASI)

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D., Lehigh University 1978
B.S., Industrial Engineering, w/Honors Lehigh University 1973

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1982-Present

Assistant Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1978-1982.

Selected Publications and Paper Presentations

  • Co-Author, Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering - Third Edition with Wayne C. Turner, Joe H. Mize, and Ken E. Case, Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1993.
  • Principle Author, Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering - Workbook, with Wayne C. Turner, Joe H. Mize, and Ken E. Case, Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1993.
  • Associate Editor, Computers and Industrial Engineering: An International Journal, published quarterly by Pergamon Press, Elmsford, New York.
  • Co-Editor, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Selected Readings, with William E. Hammer, Jr., and Randy Sadowski, Industrial Engineering & Management Press, Atlanta, Georgia, c1985.
Archived Journals -- Conference Proceedings
  • Farrington, Phillip and John Nazemetz, Evaluation of the Performance Domain of Cellular and Functional Layouts, Special Issue on Cellular Manufacturing, Computers and Industrial Engineering: An International Journal, Pergamon/Elsevier Press, 1997.
  • Nazemetz, Dr. John W., Dr. John B. Solie, Dr. David R. Thompson , The Oklahoma State University Experience in Teaching Engineering Design and Drafting at the Freshman Level, Proceedings 1996 ASEE Conference, Washington D.C., June 1996.
  • Leu, Bor-Yuh, John Nazemetz, Comparative Analysis of Group Scheduling Heuristics in a Flow Shop Cellular System, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Volume 15, Number 9, 1995.
  • Ho, Chuanching, John Nazemetz, Ken E. Case, Statistical Quality Control, Proceedings, 1992 International Industrial Engineering Conference, May 1992 p.85-94.
  • Udoka, Silvanus J., Nazemetz, John W., Development of a Methodology for Evaluating Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Implementation Performance, Computers & Industrial Engineering 1990, v19n1-4, p. 145-149.
  • Udoka, Silvanus J., Nazemetz, John W., An Empirically Based Analysis of the Requirements for Successful Implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Computers & Industrial Engineering 1990, v19n1-4, p. 131-135.
  • Nazemetz, John, Yesso, John, New Goals Adopted by Board Will Guide the Institute, Industrial Engineering, Feb 1989, v21n2, p. 18-19.
  • Udoka, Silvanus Johnson, Nazemetz, John W., Assessment of the Strategies for Effective Implementation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS), Computers & Industrial Engineering 1987, v13n1-4, p. 118-119.
  • "Traditional CAPP Inhibits Integration," 1989 IIE Spring Conference, Toronto Canada, May 22-24, 1989 (with Phil Farrington, Joe H. Mize).
  • "Cell Control - The Missing Link in Factory Integration," presented for Karen Clark, 1989 IIE Spring Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 22-24, 1989 (with Joe Mize).
  • "New Goals Adopted by Board Will Guide Institute", IE Magazine, Volume 21, Number 2, February, 1989 (with John Yesso).
  • "Needs, Possibilities, and Guidelines for Advanced Manufacturing," Moderated International Teleconference presented by Hans Warnecke, April 3, 1989.
  • "Structuring a Survey Instrument Assessing Success Factors in Automation Projects", Silvanus J. Udoka and John W. Nazemetz included in Success Factors for Implementing Change: A Manufacturing Viewpoint, Klaus M. Blache, SME Press, Dearborn, Michigan, c. 1988.
  • "Forging a Joint Industrial-Academic Partnership in Manufacturing Systems Engineering," 1988 Autofact Conference, Chicago, Illinois, October 31 - November 2, 1988 (with Phil Farrington).
  • "Research Issues in Manufacturing Systems", NTU Research Seminar, broadcast nationally, December 1, 1986.
  • "Robot Education at Oklahoma State University", Tulsa Chapter of Robotics International of SME, September 23, 1986.
  • "Introducing Statistical Selective Assembly: A Means of Producting High Precision Assemblies from Low Precision Components" included in Simulation - Modeling and Service Systems, IE&M Press, Atlanta, GA, c1987.
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems - An Assessment and Look to the Future", Institute of Industrial Engineers Spring Conference, Dallas, Texas, May 12-14, 1986.
  • Co-Editor, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Series appearing in "Industrial Engineering," Industrial Engineering & Management Press, Atlanta, Georgia (24 article series, 1984-85).
  • "Laboratory Projects in Flexible Manufacturing and Robotics Education," with David J. Leigh, Proceedings, IIE Spring Conference, Los Angeles, May 19-23, 1985.
  • "Introducing Statistical Selective Assembly--A Means of Producing High Precision Assemblies From Low Precision Components," with David E. Boyer, Proceedings, IIE Spring Conference, Los Angeles, May 19-23, 1985.
  • "Developing A Low-Cost Vision Systems For Use In Engineering Education," with John W. Doucette, Computers & Industrial Engineering Conference, Orlando, Florida, March 1985.
  • "A User Friendly Motion Sequence Development Program For Desktop Robots," with David J. Leigh, Computers & Industrial Engineering Conference, Orlando, Florida, March 1985.
  • "Development and Analysis of an Educational Computer - Aided Process Planning (ECAPP) on the IBM - PC," with Silvanus Udoka and Aprix Wanasathrop, Computers and Industrial Engineering Conference, Orlando, Florida, March, 1985.
  • "Low Cost Manufacturing Engineering Course and Laboratory Development," 1984 ASEE Conference, University of Utah, June 24-27, 1984.
  • "Estimating the Cost/Value of Inventions," Making Inventions Work: A National Innovation Workshop, Oklahoma State University, March 23-24, 1984.
  • "Robotics Education," in Robotics and Industrial Engineering: Selected Readings, IE&M Press, Atlanta, Georgia, c1983.
  • "Geometrical Modeling of Large Space Antenna Deployment," with Karen Sage, Ray Gates, Darlene Derider, NASA Symposium on Computer-Aided Geometric Modeling, Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, April 22, 1983.
  • "Investigation of the Use of Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design in Spacecraft Design," Final Report, NASA-Langley, U.S. Government Printing Office 1984.
  • "Design and Evaluation of a Production Process for Wax Firelog Production," Final Report, with M. M. Lay, Woodland Timber Products, Talihina, Oklahoma, June 1982.
  • "Robotic Fundamentals," presented to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Stillwater, Oklahoma, October 1982.
  • "Robotics Education," Proceedings, IIE Spring Conference, New Orleans, May 1982.
  • "Robotics," Institute of Industrial Engineers, Tulsa, Oklahoma Chapter, May 1982.
  • "Using Physical Simulators in Manufacturing Education," Proceedings - Robots VI, with D. Ashcraft and D. Tabb, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, March 1-4, 1982, Vol. 48, No. 2, February 1982.
  • "Manufacturing in Space," Institute of Industrial Engineers, Decatur, Illinois Chapter, February 1982.
  • "An Intelligent Earth Sensing Information System," with Fay et al., Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Vol. 48, No. 2, February 1982.
  • Advanced Automation for Space Missions, NASA Conference Publication 2255, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1982.
  • "Numerical Control and Robotics," presented at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, July 25, 1981.
  • "Integrating Manufacturing Systems into the Engineering Curriculum," presented at and published, Proceedings, 1980 Fall Conference AIIE, December 8, 1980.
  • "Productivity: Definition and Case Studies," presented at the 3rd Annual Business Conference, Northeastern Oklahoma State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 1980.
  • "CAD/CAM Tutorial," presented at the Third National Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Orlando, Florida, October 22, 1980.
  • "Production Control, and Overview," with J. H. Mize, presented at the Second International Symposium on Industrial Engineering, Juarez, Mexico, September 25, 1980.
  • "Interfacing COBOL Data Manipulation Powers in FORTRAN Programming," presented at the Second National Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Chicago, March 16, 1979.
  • "Computer Simulation Applied to Alternative Scheduling Strategies," presented at the Operations Management Conference, sponsored by Region II of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, October 20-21, 1977.
  • "Laboratory Manual Industrial Engineering 18," co-author with Emory W. Zimmers, Spring, 1975.
Seminars Conducted
  • "Robotics and Automated Manufactuiring" - a two day seminar during the Nacional Conference De Ingenieria Industrial, October 29-30, 1986 (Gudalajara, Jalisco Mexico).
  • "Sistemas De Manufactura Automatizdos," - two day seminar, October 27-8, 1986 (Mexico City, Mexico).
  • "Computer Integrated Manufacturing - A Strategy for Excellence in the 80's and Beyond". one day seminar, March 5, 1986, (Appleton, Wisconsin).
  • "Automation - Key to the Factory of the Future" - a three-day seminar offered September 19-21, 1985 (Queretaro, Mexico), May 4-6, 1984 (Chicago), October 26-28, 1984 (Atlanta).
  • "Automation, Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Robotics," a three-day seminar July 25-27, 1984 (McAlester, Oklahoma), December 11-13, 1983 (Toronto), June 3-6, 1983 (Stillwater).
  • "Robotics: An Introduction," a one-day seminar, May 22, 1984, (Tulsa, Oklahoma).

Consulting Experience

Allen Bradley Corporation - Robotics
Purdue University - Computer-Aided Manufacturing
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Numerical Control and Robotics
University of Alabama-Huntsville - Robotics
Boeing-Wichita - Operations Planning
The Benham Group - Plant Automation
Diemaker's Incorporated - Plant Modernization/Planning
National Technological University-Manufacturing Systems Engineering Curriculum Development
Montana State University - Curriculum/Laboratory Development
Mark Andy, Incorporated - Plant Layout/Modernization
United States Army - Facility Modernization/Consolidation (Maintenance)
United Stated Navy - Facility Modernization (Overhaul/Remanufacturing)
Xerox Corporation - Packaging Automation Study
Kerr-Magee - Facility Modernization/Automation
McKinney, Webster, & Stringer - Expert Witness on Manufacturing Control Practices
Eskimo Joe’s - Facility Layout
DUCOM, Inc. for the FAA – Warehouse Management

Honors And Awards

Finalist, Advancia Excellence in Distance Education Award
Who's Who in Science and Engineering
Who’s Who in Engineering
Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, National Scholastic Honorary
Outstanding Young Industrial Engineer of the Year, Institute of Industrial Engineers.
Outstanding Young Faculty Member, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University
Pritsker Award as the Outstanding Teacher in the OSU School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Amoco Foundation Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Instruction at Oklahoma State University
Member of the Year, Tulsa Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers
Ralph E. Teetor Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, in recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Education

Professional Affiliations

Institute of Industrial Engineers
Director of Society, Division, and Interest Group Development, l986-89
Participant - Long Range Planning Sessions - Spring, Fall 1988 IIE Board of Trustees Meetings
1988 Fall Conference - CIM Track Coordinator
1985 Fall Institute Conference - Associate Conference Coordinator
1984 Fall Institute Conference - Associate Conference Coordinator
Manufacturing Systems Division - Advisory Board, 1985-87, Honors and Award Chairman, 1986-88, Director, 1984-85; Director-Elect, 1983-84; Newsletter Editor, 1980-82
Region IX Chairman of Division Affairs 1985-86.
Tulsa Chapter - President, 1982-83; Vice-President, 1980-82
Oklahoma State University Chapter - Faculty Advisor, 1978-1985; Chapter was named as the "Outstanding Chapter in the Institute," 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985
Computers and Industrial Engineering: An International Journal - Pergamon Press
Associate Editor, 1983 - 1990
Annual Conference Coordinator, 1980 - 1990
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (1978-1995)
Robotics International
Computer and Automated System Association
American Society for Engineering Education
National Technological University (1985-2000)
Manufacturing System Engineering Curriculum Committee
Member, Graduate Faculty
ISO - International Standards Organization ISO TC184/SC4 - Industrial Data
Member, WG10
US Delegate to International Meetings